Insights Series – Designing for a Sustainable Future with Energy Efficiency

Commitment towards sustainability in engineering has by no means peaked but efforts to date are starting to benefit society and the environment. Intelligent, eco-friendly designs are redefining the global landscape for a more resilient future.

Through conscientious engineering, sustainable structures can be designed and built in a cost-effective manner, with each project leaving a positive imprint on the planet. Embracing ecofriendly designs should be a standard practice in every design company strategy from project conception to handover.

Energy-efficient engineering design is a powerful tool for building a sustainable future. Engineers in all disciplines, now play an increasingly vital role in shaping a more sustainable world for future generations. Designing for energy efficiency is a critical approach to creating systems, products, and structures that minimise energy consumption while maximising performance.

By utilising strategies such as efficient insulation, smart building automation, and the incorporation of renewable energy sources, engineers can significantly enhance overall efficiency and sustainability across various sectors.

Moreover, energy-efficient engineering design extends beyond the initial design and construction phase. Through ongoing maintenance and optimisation, engineers can ensure that systems continue to operate at peak efficiency, maximising energy savings and reducing carbon emissions over time. This lifecycle approach emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in achieving sustainability goals.

A growing number of industries are prioritising energy and carbon reduction strategies as part of their commitment to sustainability and journey to net zero. These forward-thinking organisations recognise the dual benefits of reducing their environmental impact while also reaping significant financial rewards. By leveraging innovative technologies and implementing sustainable practices, companies are not only mitigating their carbon footprint but also improving their bottom line.

In today’s competitive landscape, sustainability is a key differentiator for companies seeking to enhance their market position and attract environmentally conscious investors and consumers. Through initiatives such as energy-efficient equipment, optimising manufacturing processes, and integrating renewable energy, companies are demonstrating their dedication to responsible stewardship of resources while simultaneously driving operational efficiency and cost savings.

A key aspects of energy-efficient engineering design is its ability to leverage sustainable materials. From recycled materials to those with lower embodied energy, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in minimising environmental impact. By selecting materials that are durable, energy-efficient, and responsibly sourced, engineers can create structures and products that are environmentally friendly as well as economically viable in the long run.

Green engineering practices are transforming the way every sector operates, aligning it with a more environmentally conscious future. The integration of eco-friendly practices and innovative designs showcase the industry’s commitment to responsible engineering for resilient infrastructure.

Tandem’s engineers are well equipped with the technical expertise and problem-solving capabilities to balance the delivery of pioneering solutions that minimise environmental impact.

Get in touch to discuss how Tandem can assist with your sustainability goals for 2024 and beyond!

World Stroke Day 2022

Last Saturday, 29th of October was World Stroke Day. To raise awareness, Tandem’s Thrive committee invited the Irish Heart Foundation to present at a lunch and learn.  During the presentation we learned that stroke is the third largest cause of death in Ireland.

Many thanks to Aileen Mc Donnell Gillic, for delivering an insightful presentation that focused on how to reduce the risk of stroke, stroke recognition and how to act FAST.

Knowing the signs of stroke and how to act could significantly impact a person’s chances of survival and to what degree they can recover. 

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Carrauntoohil Hike and Waterford Greenway Cycle 2022

In April, Thrive undertook a Waterford Greenway cycle. There were 16 participants cycling from Dungarvan to Kilmacthomas and back, 44 km in total. The cycle took us through some amazing countryside. Coming out of Dungarvan over the causeway we had views of the bay towards Helvick Head. The next section was a steady incline that led to a viewing point over Clonea Beach and the start of the Copper Coast. Turning inland from there, we had some sheltered areas of track but mostly open countryside with views of the Comeragh Mountains to the north. We stopped in Kilmacthomas for a lengthy break and well-deserved refreshments in The Coach House. The cycle back was as pleasant as the outward journey and the day was a great success with participants suggesting that we make it an annual event.

Thrive had 9 participants on their guided Carrauntoohil hike in August. The hike commenced from Lisleibane and took over an hour to reach the base of the Devil’s Ladder. The route took in the Devils Ladder and once it was surmounted, there was a slow and steady climb to the summit. The weather was amazing, resulting in incredible views from the Beara to the Dingle peninsula. Kerry Climbing guided the walk and provided a safe route and a steady pace to ensure that we all made it to the top. It was a seven-hour hike from start to finish, every minute was worth it for the spectacular views that we encountered on the day.

Advance Graduate Presentations 2022

Congratulations to Tandem’s Advance Graduate Programme participants who recently delivered their annual presentation to the Tandem senior leadership team.

Evan O’Donovan and Ciara O’Connor received their certificates of completion at the ceremony which took place at Blackrock Castle Observatory.  Tim Mulhall, Managing Director, congratulated participants on their achievements to date and wished them continued success in their careers with Tandem Project Management. Tim spoke about how the programme supports each graduate’s continuous professional development and the achievement of their short and long-term career goals. Feedback from the senior leadership team also provided the graduates with a range of both professional and personal insights to support them in their career development.

The Advance Graduate Programme is just the beginning of each graduate’s journey and Tandem will continue to support their development, beyond the programme and throughout their career with Tandem.

150 Personnel Milestone

Tandem Project Management Ltd. is celebrating reaching a 150-strong workforce.

Tandem is delighted to welcome all its new personnel and it will continue to invest in its people and to grow together.

Tandem recognise the hard work and commitment of all its team. It is through their work that the company continues to prosper, and we thank them for their continued dedication. As new personnel join, Tandem will benefit from their insights, ideas, experience, and skills, further strengthening our team and our service offering. Tandem has seen consistent increases in personnel numbers year on year and is delighted to reach this milestone. Tandem plans to continue to grow its workforce this year and further recruitment is planned in both Ireland and the Netherlands to meet Tandem’s business and expansion goals to 2025.