Advance Graduate Programme

Tandem Project Management Ltd. wishes to extend a very warm welcome to Maria Costello, Gary O’Leary and Evan O Donovan who joined our 2019 Advance Graduate Programme. Advance is a three year programme that aims to give graduates an insight into all aspects of the business in a structured and measured manner, to ensure graduates achieve as broad an experience as possible, on both a professional and personal level in these crucial first years of their career. By the end of the programme, graduates will not only have gained significant experience in their chosen discipline, but have gained exposure to other disciplines, client sites and many aspects of the project life cycle which will equip them best with driving their careers further in the direction of their choice, while further building on the knowledge gained to date.

“Since having joined the Tandem Advance graduate programme in September, I’ve spent the last 3 months on a pharmaceutical plant as part of a CMT and CQV team. Everyday has been a new enjoyable experience into the ever-changing world of engineering. Having the support of all Tandem staff during this period of adjustment into a new job has made everything that bit easier and I will be looking forward to meeting those whose paths I haven’t crossed already in the coming few months.” Evan O Donovan

“My time on the Tandem Advance Graduate Program has allowed me to gain invaluable experience both in office and out on site. Being on site has given me the opportunity to take a hands on approach to work and learn as much as possible about the projects I’ve been on. This is important as a young engineer to see the execution of a project and apply what you learn to Design work in the office. The greatest strength of Tandems Advance Graduate Program is the engineering experience you gain which allows you to develop your skills as an engineer.” Gary O’Leary

“My time on the Tandem graduate programme has been extremely beneficial. The Tandem graduate programme gives me the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects across a multitude of sites. Being on site has allowed me to gain hands on experience on projects and gives me a greater understanding of processes. I will not only spend time onsite but also in the design office rotating between the process, electrical and building services departments, where the knowledge I have gained from being onsite will be applicable. The broad spectrum of experience the programme offers allows me to witness all aspects of projects, from the initial design stage through to completion. The experience I am gaining on the programme will no doubt be invaluable to my career as a process engineer.” Maria Costello

We currently have opportunities for Graduates with qualifications in:

  • Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

If you are interested in applying for our Advance Graduate Programme or if you require more information please email

Advance Grad. Programme