Energy & Carbon Reduction

Tandem carry out design work in accordance with the requirements of EU Energy Performance of Buildings and the Energy Efficiency Directives and TGD Part L 2017 of the Building Regulations – Conservation of Fuel, at a minimum, to deliver nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) where applicable.

Sustainability reviews are held from the outset and throughout the design process of projects, to identify cost-effective sustainable design and construction solutions.  

An Energy Saving / Sustainable Opportunities Register is developed in accordance with the principles set out in IS 399 Energy Efficient Design (EED).

Typicial opportunities for consideration include:

  • Renewable / energy efficiency, low and zero carbon technologies and materials
  • Heat Recovery from waste heat streams e.g., compressed air generation, extract air and process waste
  • Cooling and recirculated air optimisation
  • Optimising Air Change Rates and room pressurisation requirements
  • Optimising control systems
  • Energy efficient lighting and controls
  • Enhanced building element insulation levels 
  • Enhanced airtightness and airtightness test on completion
  • The use of solar shading where viable
  • Glazing ratios

New Plant and equipment are specified from the Triple E register where possible, to ensure the best-in-class energy efficiencies. 

Tender and contract documents and specifications are developed with clear targets and requirements set out for contractor to engage and achieve best practice in respect to sustainable lean construction practices.

Off-site manufacture options are investigated and implemented where appropriate to deliver lower-waste, high quality and controlled working environment.

Tandem will maximise the re-use, recycling and refurbishment of materials and existing site elements where appropriate.

Tandem also carry out technical surveys on existing systems to identify energy saving opportunities and optimise operation and efficiencies, such as compressed air, steam, HVAC, power and lighting systems.

Tandem provide guidance on any financial supports available for projects that achieve energy savings, which can significantly contribute to the business case for projects.

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