150 Personnel Milestone

Tandem Project Management Ltd. is celebrating reaching a 150-strong workforce.

Tandem is delighted to welcome all its new personnel and it will continue to invest in its people and to grow together.

Tandem recognise the hard work and commitment of all its team. It is through their work that the company continues to prosper, and we thank them for their continued dedication. As new personnel join, Tandem will benefit from their insights, ideas, experience, and skills, further strengthening our team and our service offering. Tandem has seen consistent increases in personnel numbers year on year and is delighted to reach this milestone. Tandem plans to continue to grow its workforce this year and further recruitment is planned in both Ireland and the Netherlands to meet Tandem’s business and expansion goals to 2025.

Thrive Q1 Update – 2022

The Thrive Committee is committed to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all Tandem’s personnel. The committee met early in January to establish activities and events for 2022.  

Popular initiatives from 2021 have been retained, such as walking and running groups, healthy eating recipes, the book club, and the gardening group. Additional initiatives that have been added this year include a fitness group, hillwalking activities are planned for later in the year as well as a Waterford Greenway cycle, paddleboarding and some Ziplining.  

Thrive issued challenges to the exercise groups and to reward participation have held a draw for a Fitbit / pair of Apple AirPods, the winner of the draw was Emma Twomey. .

Thrive recently held its first lunch and learn. The speaker was Andrew Burke Hannon, Andrew was a participant on Operation Transformation in 2021. Andrew spoke about his life before Operation Transformation, his journey on the programme and how he maintains his healthy lifestyle now. Andrew is an inspiration, not just for his healthy approach to living but also for his charity work.  

Engineers Week 2022

As part of Engineer’s Week 2022, Tandem donated a ‘Curiosity Box’ to the 3rd class in a local school. The Curiosity Box is an award-winning science and engineering toolkit designed to nurture children’s’ passion for discovery, experimentation, and exploration. Students completed practical experiments in engineering, maths, and chemistry. The main aim of Engineers Week is to promote engineering as a profession of choice to children in Ireland. 

Tandem also donated virtual reality viewers to the 6th class pupils. Developed for the Science Museum, the Virtual Reality Goggles Wonderlab® turn almost any mobile phone into a virtual reality viewer. The VR viewers can help students understand the nature of light as part of the National Curriculum for Science. 

Fill Finish (Aseptic Processing)

Fill Finish operations (Aseptic Processing) are an essential element of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical supply chain. The ability to safely, efficiently and robustly produce some of the world’s leading therapeutics in an aseptic manner is critical to the supply of life changing therapies throughout the world.

At Tandem we have a team of Project Managers and Engineers with extensive Fill Finish experience who specialise in the delivery of Aseptic processing projects.

We provide leading expertise in the areas of Fill Finish Facility and Cleanroom design (including GMP design reviews), Clean and Black utility design, HVAC design including Isolator Technology, Vial, Syringe, and Cartridge Filling and Closing, Lyophilisation, Barrier/Containment Technology (Isolators/RABS), Parts Washing and Autoclaving, Formulation and Compounding, CIP/SIP systems, and Ready to Use Single Use Systems. We also provide expertise in Process Automation systems required within Fill Finish facilities.

Tandem delivers these services throughout the entire project life cycle and can offer a full turnkey package from overall Project Management, Concept Design, Detailed Design, (including process equipment specification and procurement), Construction Management, Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation right through to Operational Readiness.

Biopharma Capabilities

The Biopharma sector accounted for €106 billion in national exports in 2020, that was an increase of 17% on 2019 (CSO). The industry continues to make significant capital investments, with over €100 million invested by just four of Ireland’s established multinational biopharma sites in 2021. Facilities are cutting edge and technologically diverse in manufacturing cell and gene therapies, drug substance and drug product.

Tandem brings our clients a wealth of experience to delivering their key projects. Its team of Project Managers, Design Engineers, Construction Managers and CQV Engineers have extensive drug substance and drug product experience and have worked in some of the top Biopharma companies in the world.
Delivering expertise in the areas of equipment specification and design of facility and cleanroom, clean and black utilities, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation and process automation to ensure consistent controlled manufacturing to the required quality standards.

Tandem offers clients a full life-cycle package from overall project management, concept and basis of design, detailed design, (including process equipment specification and procurement), construction management, commissioning, qualification, and validation right through to operational readiness for commercial operations.

ISEA Solar Ireland Conference 2021

Tandem attended the ISEA Solar Ireland conference on 14th to 15th October. Some of the topics covered in the conference included energy policies, future planning, solar finance and zero carbon networks. Case studies on a utility and commercial scale showed some of the challenges and successes of solar projects undertaken in the last few years. Each topic was well presented and generated an engaging Q&A session at the end. Some of the main points highlighted at the conference:

  • Renewable electricity generation commitment increased from 70% to 80% as outlined in the National Development Plan.
  • Micro generation support scheme to be rolled out over the next year.
  • Relaxed glint and glare assessment requirements to be announced for 2022.
  • Electrification will be the most effective method for meeting commercial renewable energy targets.
  • Solar arrays should be sized to accommodate future demand which will increase as heat pumps and EV charging is integrated into commercial and residential settings.
  • Energy storage becoming more viable with potential feed in tariffs and the current high prices of electricity.
  • Larger PV systems should incorporate smart PV management with battery storage to avail of grid price variations throughout the day.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for networking and showcased some of the leading solar suppliers in the Irish market. Innovative solar systems were discussed along with the challenges involved in their planning and installation. One key positive is that Ireland has World leading renewable grid integration capabilities and there are ample solar projects already in operation around the world that Ireland can replicate and improve upon.

2021 Advance Graduate Programme

Tandem Project Management extends a very warm welcome to Anne-Marie Leahy, Brian Flahive, Matthew Davidson and Daniel Walsh who recently joined our 2021 Advance Graduate Programme.

Anne-Marie graduated from Munster Technological University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Engineering and joins Tandem as a Graduate Process Engineer. Brian graduated from Munster Technological University with a Bachelor of Business Information Systems and is working as a Digital Transformation Graduate. Matthew graduated from National University of Ireland Galway with a Bachelor of Science in Project & Construction Management and joins Tandem as a Graduate Project Controls Assistant. Daniel graduated from University College Cork with a Master of Engineering degree in Energy Engineering and joins Tandem as a Graduate Energy Engineer.

Advance is a three-year programme that aims to give graduates an insight into all aspects of the business in a structured and measured manner, to ensure graduates achieve as broad an experience as possible, on both a professional and personal level in these crucial first years of their career.

At the end of the programme, graduates will not only have gained significant experience in their chosen discipline, but they will also have gained exposure to other disciplines, client sites and many aspects of the project life cycle. This rounded approach will equip the graduates to advance their careers in the direction of their choice, while building on the knowledge they have gained to date.