Tandem – Oral Solid Dose Capabilities

Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) Drug facilities, producing tablets and capsules, use well defined unit operations, regardless of differences in production volumes or usage of such facilities for single or multiple product manufacture. The contents of such a facility typically include Dispensing/Formulation; Blending; Granulation; Drying; Compression/Encapsulation; Coating; Packaging and Receiving/Warehousing Operations.

At Tandem we have a team of Project Managers, Design Engineers, Construction Managers and CQV Engineers with extensive OSD experience who can design and manage all project life cycle requirements associated with an OSD facility.

We provide expertise in the areas of Facility and Cleanroom design, Clean and Black utility design, HVAC design, OSD equipment unit operations including clean support process areas for quick turnaround without unacceptable risk of product exposure (i.e., dust and cross-contamination), Primary and Secondary Packaging including tablet and capsule packaging operations , Serialisation, Warehouse design. We also provide expertise in ATEX and process safety to ensure correct containment requirements are outlined and embedded in the design process. Our building services engineers provide extensive experience in BMS/EMS systems to support the monitoring of critical processes within an OSD facility.

Tandem can offer a full turnkey package from overall Project Management, Concept and BOD Design, Detailed Design, (including process equipment specification and procurement), Construction Management, Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation right through to Operational Readiness for Commercial Operations.