February Thrive Updates


Tandem’s Thrive committee arranged a team challenge with WeEscape, Cork. Teams were given sixty minutes to solve puzzles, clues, use props, avoid red herrings and solve their way out of a room.

A great evening of team work, critical thinking, creativity and fun. Happy to report that everyone made it out!

Employee Appreciation Day 2024:

Tandem celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with delicious cupcakes from Fitzpatricks Foodstore, Glounthaune. Tandem’s achievements are only made possible thanks to the hard work of our dedicated personnel.

It is our team that delivers success to our clients’ projects and delivers on their resource requirements, it is our team that drives innovation, learning and development and it is our team that promotes wellbeing and gives back to the community. Tandem wishes to thank all its personnel for their hard work, their contributions to meeting our goals and objectives, and their commitment to Tandem.