ISEA Solar Ireland Conference 2021

Tandem attended the ISEA Solar Ireland conference on 14th to 15th October. Some of the topics covered in the conference included energy policies, future planning, solar finance and zero carbon networks. Case studies on a utility and commercial scale showed some of the challenges and successes of solar projects undertaken in the last few years. Each topic was well presented and generated an engaging Q&A session at the end. Some of the main points highlighted at the conference:

  • Renewable electricity generation commitment increased from 70% to 80% as outlined in the National Development Plan.
  • Micro generation support scheme to be rolled out over the next year.
  • Relaxed glint and glare assessment requirements to be announced for 2022.
  • Electrification will be the most effective method for meeting commercial renewable energy targets.
  • Solar arrays should be sized to accommodate future demand which will increase as heat pumps and EV charging is integrated into commercial and residential settings.
  • Energy storage becoming more viable with potential feed in tariffs and the current high prices of electricity.
  • Larger PV systems should incorporate smart PV management with battery storage to avail of grid price variations throughout the day.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for networking and showcased some of the leading solar suppliers in the Irish market. Innovative solar systems were discussed along with the challenges involved in their planning and installation. One key positive is that Ireland has World leading renewable grid integration capabilities and there are ample solar projects already in operation around the world that Ireland can replicate and improve upon.