Enter the Eurozone – Enterprise Ireland

Tandem has successfully completed the Enterprise Ireland – Enter the Eurozone Programme 2021. Tandem is one of just 20 companies nationwide selected to participate. The programme is designed to assist current Irish exporters in opening further doors in Europe, and to equip companies to take advantage of the dynamic, prosperous and stable market that is the European Union. Europe has many advantages such as a growing and diverse market, it is easy to reach and it operates with the same currency and regulations. Increasing Irish exports to the EU is a key growth strategy of Enterprise Ireland.

The programme is delivered by the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin (ESMT) and supported by IMS Marketing with access to market growth business advisers. The programme incorporates five phases including initial invitations and networking, market intelligence gathering, developing a market specific value proposition, identifying required resources, route to market and the development of a market growth plan.

There is a definite sense of comradery between participants on the programme and a burgeoning support network of Irish exporters at the same phase of their export journey. Participants hail from a multiple industry types with varying market sectors as their targets. This variety creates positivity as there is no competition, only support of each other and the common goal of European market growth.