Building Regulations Part L

“Part L 2017 Conservation of Fuel and Energy for Buildings other than Dwellings”

10 years on from the last Building Regulations Part L issue, new legislation has passed and became effective in January 2019 for new, existing, renovated and altered buildings.

The main aspects of the Technical Guidance Document are as follows:

  • There is a considerable tightening of the requirements for Clients, Designers, Project Managers and Contractors.
  • By December 2020 all newly occupied building will be a Near Zero-Energy Building.
  • It will need to be considered in terms of budget, programme, building layout, planning compliance, occupancy and construction compliance.
  • The energy improvement over the 2008 edition is an uplift of 40-60%.
  • The main standout constraint is that 20% of qualifying buildings energy must come from a renewable source.
  • Major Renovation over 25% envelope now carry considerable requirements.
  • Thermal Bridging now must be accurately calculated.
  • Equipment now have defined performance criteria including heating and cooling plant, motors, controls & lighting.
  • This legislation and technical guide includes the Energy Performance Buildings Directive, Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings & EcoDesign Regulations.


A new or renovated building must pass analysis for planning permission and Tandem Project Management are experienced and prepared to deliver in accordance with the latest legislation.