STEPS Schools Visit 2022

During November, Tandem’s Engineers participated in the Engineers Ireland – STEPS Young Engineers Award Programme. The STEPS Young Engineers Award encourages 3rd and 4th class pupils to explore the world of engineering by developing a project that would help to improve their local community. Students form an engineering team and take on the challenge of using an engineering approach to find solutions.

Tandem’s engineers delivered virtual and in-person presentations to participating classes outlining what it is like to work as an engineer, the students then had the opportunity to showcase their projects and to receive feedback.

For our engineers, the experience delivered an opportunity to reflect on why they entered the engineering profession, they learned how to communicate engineering in a relatable way to children, and it opened their eyes to the creativity, imagination and the inquisitiveness that children have about engineering. Our engineers encouraged, guided and commended the children for their projects and on their teamwork.

Thanks to Engineers Ireland STEPS for delivering this STEM initiative in primary schools nationwide. Tandem wishes all of the participating schools the very best of luck in the Young Engineers Award competition!