Operational Readiness

Tandem can offer our clients Operational Readiness Services to assist in preparing the client and planning for the handover of a capital project to operations. We work with the client team to establish what key activities and associated actions need to be completed by each function to ensure readiness for the next phase of the project, prior to and including commercial operations. We work collaboratively with our clients to think objectively about what tasks are essential, to project manage the volume of work, to establish roles and responsibilities between functions with the aim of ensuring all areas are ready for the next milestones in the project life-cycle .

We use our extensive industry knowledge to help our clients develop the steps necessary to ensure successful start-up of their facility. We can provide the software tools to support both people and workload management, as well as providing Operational Readiness progress tracking and monitoring for reporting to the Client’s key stakeholders and sponsors.

If you would like to find out more about Operational Readiness or any of the services that we offer, please email info@tandempm.ie