Galtee More Hike

On 15th April, guided by Julie Reeves Walking, the Tandem hikers set off from Kings Yard near Mitchelstown to conquer Galtee Mor. For some, it was almost in their backyard, they had scaled it many times, for others it was the first time.

The day was bright and clear. The group climbed the southern slope, taking in the view of the golden vale below and beyond to the Knockmealdown Mountains. The route takes in a series of three ridges, each ridge offering a break before pushing forward to the next. Prior to the last stretch, a steep slope to the summit, Julie advised extra layers as, even on a calm day, there’s always wind at the summit.

The wind at the summit was incredible, it was so strong it would nearly knock you over. Julie found a spot in the lea of the wind, now looking towards the Northwest. It was such a clear day, the water of the River Shannon could be seen glistening in the far distance. A spectacular spot for lunch!

Heading down provided alternative views, river crossings, and a walk through the forest. It was a great day spent with colleagues and friends.