ATMP / CGT Training in NIBRT

Tandem staff recently completed NIBRT’s ATMPs/CGT Training Course. Held over two days, the training was divided between classroom learning and practical sessions.

NIBRT delivered a solid grounding in the basics of ATMPs and CGTs and their advantages over existing treatments as well as the challenges that exist in manufacturing. The training then continued to offer deeper understanding of how these treatments provide benefit to the patients, their delivery methods, and their manufacturing process.

The practical sessions allowed trainees to apply the theory to a laboratory environment and demonstrated the entire process of scaling up cells from Cell Culture to Final Downstream Purification. The sessions delivered hands on experience of processes to simulate growing cells from cell culture through scale up in a Rocker up to a Stirred Tank reactor. Trainees then set up Downstream Bioprocessing equipment including Chromatography columns, Depth Filtration and UF/DF Skids to simulate the complete purification process.

The NIBRT ATMPs/CGT Training Course was hugely beneficial to the trainees, the skills and knowledge learned will enhance their future project work.