2020 Success: Six Sigma Green Belt Training

In early 2020 Tandem established a cross-department Lean Team tasked with reviewing our systems and processes and identifying improvement opportunities. This team held workshops with each department and identified several opportunities where minor changes could yield significant efficiency improvements.

In May Tandem partnered with Lean Ireland who developed a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme certified in compliance with ISO 13053-1. The customised programme introduced participants to concepts such as DMAIC, SIPOC and A3 planning. All elements, including case studies, workshops and continuous assignments, were delivered virtually.

Tandem had 7 participants complete the programme and one has successfully delivered their Green Belt project, receiving certification in November.

The experience has been hugely beneficial to Tandem for the following reasons:

  • Successful Green Belt projects demonstrate and validate cost saving opportunities
  • Green Belt projects generate an appetite for reducing waste by challenging and improving process performance
  • All efficiencies help Tandem to remain competitive and to offer improved value to our customers
  • Green Belt projects generally comprise of cross-functional members which promotes teamwork within the organisation
  • Individual professional development (CPD) with progression opportunities

As an Engineers Ireland CPD accredited employer Tandem is always seeking to develop our team and we are currently preparing a further programme of Yellow and Green Belt training for 2021.