Advance Graduate Programme 2023

Advance Graduate Programme

Aim Of The Programme

Tandem’s Advance Graduate Programme aims to give graduates an insight into all aspects of the business in a structured and measured manner, to ensure they obtain broad experience on both a professional and personal level in these crucial initial years of their career.
By the end of the programme, graduates will have gained significant experience in their chosen discipline as well as gaining exposure to other disciplines, client sites (where relevant) and many aspects of the business, which will enable them to drive their careers further in the direction of their choice.

Scope Of The Programme

Advance is a programme that offers graduates training and support in developing the fundamental technical knowledge and soft skills for their career journey. Advance will help develop graduates in identified industry competencies using a combination of on-the-job training, mentoring, formal training, self-directed learning and industry networking.

Within each discipline, Advance Graduates will integrate with the existing team members and partake in:

  • Tandem on-boarding and induction requirements
  • Tandem Quality Management System Training
  • On-the-job training with managers and co-workers
  • Self-directed Learning
  • Formal Training

  • 1:1 Manager meetings
  • Mentoring Programme
  • Buddy System
  • Advance Graduate Peer Group
  • Industry networking and conferences
  • Cross-discipline team working and exposure

Competencies To Be Developed

  • Professionalism
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Meeting Participation and Management
  • Networking & Conferences
  • Commercial awareness
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Time management
  • Organisation skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Learning Objectives

  • Application of theory to practical problems
  • Application of proven techniques
  • Display of good technical judgement
  • Design Capabilities / Creativity
  • Basic Project Management skills
  • Project Lifecycle Understanding, as applicable
  • Validation Experience, as applicable
  • Regulatory Knowledge, as applicable
  • Multiple industry experience, as applicable
  • Microsoft Office Tools
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Management of drawings and files
  • Manual Handling
  • Safe Pass

Discipline Specific Technical Knowledge or Skills

The Advance programme delivers opportunities for on-the-job training, formal training and self-directed learning for discipline specific technical skills. Graduates and managers work together to determine which skills and training methods will benefit the graduate’s development.

Existing skills and skill level will be assessed upon commencement of the programme. Graduates and managers agree which skills will be developed, the level to be attained, and a timeline for the review process.  New technical skills required will also be identified. Evidence of skill level improvement will be found through on the job activities, informal assessments and completion of formal training.


Milestones are important for the graduate to self-evaluate their programme journey, acknowledge the skills and experience they are gaining and to develop confidence in their growing abilities as an engineer.

Evaluation & Review Process

  • 1:1 Monthly manager meetings
  • Annual Appraisals
  • Annual presentation to managers
  • Lunch & learn presentation to peers and management
  • Programme coordinator check-ins
  • Feedback mechanism through Graduate Representative

Self-Awareness Assessment

Reflection on growth and development opportunities when presenting annually to senior management, through mentoring, in one-to-one meetings and annual appraisals with manager and through milestone tracking.

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