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A Ruminant Veterinary Advisor is required for a pharmaceutical in South Dublin. The successful candidate will provide specialist veterinary expertise on all aspects of ruminant products and product markets and, in doing so, to actively contribute to sales support, product development and marketing within Ireland. The candidate will also be a technical expert for the ruminant product portfolio in order to work with and support account managers as well as having a good background knowledge of all ruminant products. Priority is given to field-based support in this position; however support of product managers and their products will still be a requirement. It is expected that approximately 45% of the role will involve sales support, 30% marketing support and 25% customer enquiries/complaints. In the fulfillment of this position it is expected that duties will require a reasonable level of attendance at evening and weekend meetings, which may in some circumstances require overnight stays away from home.


  • Provide a support service to external customers.
  • Answering queries regarding products and large animal health/welfare in general
  • Investigating the background behind pharmacovigilance reports in order to ascertain the level of product causality to be reported to the relevant Competent Authority.
  • Provide support to the account managers with an aim to contributing to the sales activity.
  • Calling on customers with Account Managers.
  • Delivering presentations to customers and their clients to detail products and disease.
  • Support at a veterinary and farm level, including as a follow up to pharmacovigilance complaints and product quality complaints, to aid in the improved and correct use of products.
  • Provide relevant support functions in pharmacovigilance and Product Quality Complaint (PQC) handling.
  • Recording of reports of Adverse Events or PQCs.
  • Triage of reports before case entry into the pharmacovigilance database.
  • Coding and assessment of cases in the pharmacovigilance database.
  • Release of reports to comply with regulatory and company requirements.
  • Entering follow up information into the pharmacovigilance database and release of these reports for approval to comply with regulatory and company requirements
  • Be aware of pharmacovigilance requirements, including legislative and company regulations and guidelines, to efficiently conduct these relevant duties.
  • Provide support to the named product portfolios and Marketing/Product Managers with an aim to defend and grow market share and market presence.
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) for the products
  • Collating information from internal and external sources, to summarise and translate this information into differentiating points and position defence.
  • Proposing and managing trials to support the products.
  • Liaison with Regulatory Affairs to aid product licensing.
  • Ensure compliance of both company and competitors within the APHA / NOAH Code of Practice and the Animal Remedies / Veterinary Medicines Regulations. To include:
  • Approval of material relating to the named product portfolio, ensuring it is consistent with all requirements.
  • Defending any challenges from competitors and, if necessary, representing the company at any hearing.
  • Monitoring competitor activity and challenge of breaches, initiating necessary correspondence and progressing to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Provide the company with comprehensive in-house technical training at various levels to ensure that all staff are trained to their necessary level on the large animal products and markets.
  • Provide external communication at a technical level.
  • Technical representation at relevant meetings, congresses and exhibitions in order to promote the interests of the company amongst key industry influencers and opinion makers and to enhance the brand profile in the industry.
  • Presenting trials and providing written material or verbal presentations where required.
  • Liaising with the company regarding the future development of product markets, both in Ireland and other countries
  • Developing working relationships within the Irish agricultural industry
  • Development of relationships with key academic institutions and diagnostic companies, e.g. Universities, Diagnostic Laboratories etc, in order to keep the company at the forefront of developing technologies.
  • Accurately perceive and assess strategic opportunities to support sales activity and actively input into commercial development.
  • Provide a sound technical product servicing function, efficiently dealing with clients queries and complaints and balancing the best interests with those of the client in the most cost-effective and yet ethical manner.
  • Achieve the most effective allocation of time to the various accountabilities within the job holder’s remit.
  • Ensure all company literature reflects a true and accurate technical representation of the products and activity.
  • Promoting the company and its products to all customers in an ethical and balanced way.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Relevant Industry Qualification and registered veterinary practitioner.
  • 2+ years’ experience in general practice with a
  • In-depth knowledge of the veterinary market.
  • In depth knowledge of pharmacovigilance legislation and guidelines.

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