Associate Director Appointments

Tandem Project Management wishes to announce three Associate Director Appointments.

Tandem provides project management, engineering design, construction and CQV (Commissioning, Qualification and Validation) services as well as talent solutions to its clients during the project implementation, start-up and operational phases. Established in 2010, Tandem has a team of 130 professionals working with clients across Ireland, the UK and Europe in the life science, industrial and commercial sectors.

Speaking on the announcement, Managing Director of Tandem, Tim Mulhall, said: “These appointments recognise the contribution each individual has made to the company and their leadership will strengthen our ability to provide expert consultancy support to our clients in a collaborative and innovative way.”

Eoin O’Brien has been appointed as Associate Director of Operations having joined Tandem in 2013 and previously held the roles of Project Manager, E&I Lead and Manager of Operations. Eoin has a background in electrical and instrumentation design and project management. In his new role he is responsible for overseeing the operations in each of Tandem’s offices while continuing to manage projects for key clients.

Colm Burke has been appointed Associate Director of Built Environment having previously held the roles of Project Manager, CSA Lead and Manager of Built Environment. Colm has a background in civil engineering, construction and project management. In his new role he is responsible for managing the civil, structural engineering, architectural and construction departments for Tandem while continuing to manage projects for key clients.

Julie O’Mahony has been appointed Associate Director of Projects. Julie joined Tandem in 2017 from Gilead Sciences and has previously held the roles of Senior Project Manager and Manager of Projects. Julie has a background in process engineering and project management. In her new role Julie is responsible for overseeing the Project Management, Project Controls, Process and CQV departments for Tandem while continuing to manage projects and provide operational readiness services for key clients.

Eoin O'Brien
Colm Burke
Julie O'Mahony

Advance Graduate Programme

Tandem Project Management Ltd. wishes to extend a very warm welcome to Maria Costello, Gary O’Leary and Evan O Donovan who joined our 2019 Advance Graduate Programme. Advance is a three year programme that aims to give graduates an insight into all aspects of the business in a structured and measured manner, to ensure graduates achieve as broad an experience as possible, on both a professional and personal level in these crucial first years of their career. By the end of the programme, graduates will not only have gained significant experience in their chosen discipline, but have gained exposure to other disciplines, client sites and many aspects of the project life cycle which will equip them best with driving their careers further in the direction of their choice, while further building on the knowledge gained to date.

“Since having joined the Tandem Advance graduate programme in September, I’ve spent the last 3 months on a pharmaceutical plant as part of a CMT and CQV team. Everyday has been a new enjoyable experience into the ever-changing world of engineering. Having the support of all Tandem staff during this period of adjustment into a new job has made everything that bit easier and I will be looking forward to meeting those whose paths I haven’t crossed already in the coming few months.” Evan O Donovan

“My time on the Tandem Advance Graduate Program has allowed me to gain invaluable experience both in office and out on site. Being on site has given me the opportunity to take a hands on approach to work and learn as much as possible about the projects I’ve been on. This is important as a young engineer to see the execution of a project and apply what you learn to Design work in the office. The greatest strength of Tandems Advance Graduate Program is the engineering experience you gain which allows you to develop your skills as an engineer.” Gary O’Leary

“My time on the Tandem graduate programme has been extremely beneficial. The Tandem graduate programme gives me the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects across a multitude of sites. Being on site has allowed me to gain hands on experience on projects and gives me a greater understanding of processes. I will not only spend time onsite but also in the design office rotating between the process, electrical and building services departments, where the knowledge I have gained from being onsite will be applicable. The broad spectrum of experience the programme offers allows me to witness all aspects of projects, from the initial design stage through to completion. The experience I am gaining on the programme will no doubt be invaluable to my career as a process engineer.” Maria Costello

We currently have opportunities for Graduates with qualifications in:

  • Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

If you are interested in applying for our Advance Graduate Programme or if you require more information please email

Advance Grad. Programme

Tandem Project Management thanks contractors for Safety Performance

Tandem Project Management puts safety first on all design and construction projects. On Friday 2nd August 2019 Tandem ran the latest in a series of Project Safety Mornings. The event was run for all contractors working on a construction project at the Alexion biologics manufacturing facility, in Athlone, Co. Roscommon.  It was an opportunity to pause and thank contractors for continued levels of engagement with EHS systems and procedures on site.

The morning’s events focused on live services and associated hazards and included a co-ordinated cross-trade health & safety walk down, a health & safety quiz with spot prizes, the monthly EHS prize giving and presentations from members of the project Safety Action Team (SAT).  The morning culminated with a full Irish breakfast for all contractors before the bank holiday weekend.

The morning marked over 80,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury on the project. Contractors were commended on their compliance, engagement with and participation in Tandem Project Management Safety Initiatives.  Tandem Project Management would like to thank all participants in contributing to such a worthwhile and successful event.

Tandem Project Management puts safety at the top of the agenda

Tandem Project Management puts safety first on all design and construction projects. On Wednesday 31st July 2019 Tandem hosted the latest Health & Safety review meeting attended by Directors from each of the contractor companies working on a construction project at the Alexion biologics manufacturing facility, in Ahtlone, Co. Roscommon.

The monthly Directors’ meeting includes a full site health & safety walk down followed by a round table meeting to discuss EHS statistics, trends, incentive schemes, audit and inspection results, developments in site H&S procedures and upcoming events. It also provides a valuable forum for continual improvement, information sharing and collaboration. 

The meeting marked over 80,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury on the project. Contractors were commended on their compliance, engagement with and participation in Tandem Project Management Safety Initiatives.  Tandem Project Management believes strongly that health and safety should always sit at the top of the agenda.

2019 Undergraduate Programme

We were delighted to welcome six students to Tandem Project Management as part of our 2019 Undergraduate Programme. We welcomed engineering students from University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology and University College Dublin, Ciara O’Connor (B.Eng. Civil), Shakil Rahman (B.Eng. Civil), Liam O’Connor (B.Eng. Process), Michael Cantillon Murphy (B.Eng. Mechanical), Nicholas Hourigan (B.Eng. Electrical) and Roisin Hickey (M.E. Engineering with Business). The students had the opportunity to work in our design offices and on site, and were mentored by our senior team members throughout their internship. Working on site allowed the students to learn the social and communication skills they need to work in teams, liaise with contractors’ and deal with clients and communities. We would like to thank these students for their positive contributions to the team to date and we hope to see them entering our Graduate Programme in the coming years.

“Working in Tandem helped me to put academic theory into practice, broaden my knowledge, develop many vital engineering skills and gain an insight into my own personal abilities. My work placement in Tandem Project Management was thoroughly enjoyable and educational. I gained a lot of valuable experience that will hopefully benefit me in the years going forward. I enjoyed working with such a great team of experienced engineers and really appreciate the time and effort they put into helping me throughout the placement. I would hope to return to Tandem after I graduate from UCC.” Ciara O’Connor

“During my time with Tandem Project Management I worked as part of the Mechanical/Building Services team. I would have to say that it was a hugely beneficial experience. The whole team at Tandem were very receptive and welcoming. The help and guidance of all the Mechanical team was always willingly given and greatly appreciated. My contributions to the progress of projects was acknowledged and valued, while the opportunities to attend site presented a rounded picture of the office based design process. The tight knit nature of the company lends itself to developing strong working relationships across departments and this was an aspect of the company that I found very appealing. As a work placement experience it was full on and demanding but exactly the challenge I was looking for.” Micheál Cantillon Murphy